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Planting Trees to Offset Climate Crisis

May 7, 2020 • climate, trees

I’ve recently signed up to Offset Earth after following Phil Sturgeon on Twitter. He’s been going on about this site for ages and I eventually signed up and now have a family account set up where we get about 40 trees planted each month.

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Recovering From a File That Should Have Pointers in Git

Oct 17, 2019 • git

I was working away on a project that a few other people have been working on and I ran into a problem trying to update the branch I was working on. It turns out that at some stage in the past, someone tried badly to add a file to the repository using git lfs. It left it in this weird zombie state where I wasn’t able to checkout the original copy to remove the changes, or stash it, or anything.

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Deleting Old Emails in Mutt

Nov 29, 2018 • mutt

A note for myself so that I won’t forget how to delete older emails from my mailboxes.

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Greedy and Non Greedy Regexes in Vim

Oct 19, 2018 • vim

I was messing around with some text manipulation recently. You know the type of thing, copy a table from a webpage and transform it to a CSV file or to JSON, nothing too difficult, but it can be time consuming.

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How to Clear HSTS Settings in Major Browsers

Feb 19, 2018 • HSTS

The page that I refer to most often for clearing HSTS settings is no longer available except through a wayback machine link so I’m adding another redundant copy of the information that was on it to the web. Here’e the meat of the article:

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Rolling Back the Master Branch With Git

Feb 13, 2018

Have you ever wanted to roll back your master branch in a Git repository so that there is nothing left of your commits? I hadn’t either, until someone asked me was it possible.

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