Mike Griffin

A Walk For Mothers Day

We went for a walk today to celebrate Mother’s Day after the girls had handed over flowers, cards and presents that they’d variously made, bought or cajoled me into getting. We didn’t have a huge gap of time between athletics this morning and a birthday party this evening so I had to find something short and fun. I ended up finding a walk in Mulranny that was described as taking between one and two hours.

A view through a tree tunnel with the backs of kids visible

We started off from beside the beach and wandered up the road back towards town. There must have been a signpost missing because we found the trail joining us on the road and explored a little back the way. Then it was across the main road and into the forest behind the hotel before joining the greenway. That brought us to the old railway station which is nicely done up as a bike stop for the greenway.

The old Mulranny train station

From the hotel it’s down some steps to the causeway across the sand marsh where we saw lots of shells and the remains of a few crabs. We got back to the car and tried to find where we missed the path so we know where to go the next time.

It was a lovely couple of hours and I think everyone enjoyed it, they didn’t complain too much during any of it at least!