Mike Griffin

Zenphoto Deleting Album Titles

I run an installation of Zenphoto for my Dad and the photos he takes. I recently upgraded it from an older version to version 4.2.1 and since then I have been getting calls to fix the album titles from him.

It turns out that something was causing the album title to be cleared whenever the album was moved or edited. I could easily go into the database and fix it by hand but when there are a few albums going up each weekend, it gets tiresome to do it each time. So I went looking and digging.

I traced it back to the print_language_string_list function in zp-core\admin_functions.php. This function was returning the input form element for the title of the album. It also changed the name of the element by appending the locale string to the end of it. The upshot of all this was that when the form was submitted, it couldn’t find the string with the album name in it, so it set it as a blank string.

To fix it, I edited line 2461 of zp-core\admin_functions.php from:

echo '<input name="'.$name.'_'.$locale.'"'.$edit.' type="text" value="'.html_encode($dbstring).'" size="'.$wide.'" />';


echo '<input name="'.$name.'"'.$edit.' type="text" value="'.html_encode($dbstring).'" size="'.$wide.'" />';