Mike Griffin

Changing the volume in cmus

Sometimes I like to play music that I have on my local machine, or stream radio stations while I’m working and I’ve been using cmus to do this. It works great and just plays away in the background, but the up to now, the volume has been just a touch too high.

Trying to change the volume using + or - resulted in:

Error: can't change volume: mixer is not open

I’ve been living with it, but today I did a little search and lo and behold, I found the solution. I’m storing the steps here for future me to find them again.

  • In cmus, press 7 to go to the settings page
  • Use / to search for softvol
  • Press enter to edit the setting
  • Change false to true and press enter to save it
  • Use + and - to change the volume 🎉