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Commenting Regexes

Sep 6, 2021 • programming

Regexes are really useful but as the old saying goes:

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Getting Started with Primer CSS

Jun 4, 2021

Primer CSS is the framework that GitHub.com uses for its design and it has a whole bunch of well designed bits that go together. The documentation is really good and it’s easy to find most things.

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Soda Bread Recipe

May 3, 2021

A recipe from the Dunany Flour website

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Changing the volume in cmus

Jul 10, 2020

Sometimes I like to play music that I have on my local machine, or stream radio stations while I’m working and I’ve been using cmus to do this. It works great and just plays away in the background, but the up to now, the volume has been just a touch too high.

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Planting Trees to Offset Climate Crisis

May 7, 2020 • climate, trees

sparkle tree link from offset.earth I’ve recently signed up to Offset Earth after following Phil Sturgeon on Twitter. He’s been going on about this site for ages and I eventually signed up and now have a family account set up where we get about 40 trees planted each month.

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Recovering From a File That Should Have Pointers in Git

Oct 17, 2019 • git

I was working away on a project that a few other people have been working on and I ran into a problem trying to update the branch I was working on. It turns out that at some stage in the past, someone tried badly to add a file to the repository using git lfs. It left it in this weird zombie state where I wasn’t able to checkout the original copy to remove the changes, or stash it, or anything.

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