Mike Griffin

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👋 Hi, I'm Mike. I live in Castlebar, a town in Co Mayo, in the West of Ireland.

I enjoy running and being outdoors. I race over a range of distances from 200m to 10km.

I work as a Senior Engineer at GitHub, building internal tools for our support team. I mostly code in Ruby, but I'm also learning some Golang. I started off with PHP and bash scripting.

You can email me at me@mikegriffin.ie, and also find me on Mastodon at @maidhc@mastodon.ie

The first six weeks of marathon training

I started training for the 2023 Dublin Marathon six weeks ago, using the Hanson Advanced Marathon training plan. It’s brought me back to running six days a week and my weekly mileage has more than doubled from what I was doing for the earlier part of the year.

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Adding dark mode

Yesterday I did a bit of a refurb around the place, changing the look and colours a little bit. On top of this I added dark mode which should work automatically depending on your OS settings.

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Connaught Cross Country, Leg two


Leg two of the Connaught Cross Country took place in Drumshanbo in Co. Leitrim in a field opposite Allen Gaels GAA pitch. The previous week had been wet and we were warned to bring wellies and long spikes for what would turn out to be a very muddy course.

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Mayo Cross Country, Leg three


Leg three of the Mayo Cross Country League was in Swinford, a challenging hilly course spread over four fields. This was run off with the uneven ages kids races, which meant that my oldest Éabha was able to run in the U9 race.

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Fuzzy Searching Files in a Specific Directory in Vim

I’ve been using vimwiki for a little while to take notes as I work through the day. One issue that I had was that I had no easy way to search through older notes without dropping out of vim and manually searching.

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Saving Tmux Scrollback to a File

I do most of my console work using tmux so that I can get multiple windows to see different things at the same time. Sometimes, I copy the scrollback from one pane into a file so that I can save it or work on it in some way.

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