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Moving From LastPass to 1Password

Last weekend I moved my passwords from LastPass to 1Password. This was partly due to the notice that LogMeIn bought LastPass and partly to test out if it was possible.

There were some manual steps involved and some caveats, which I’ll document here.

Export your passwords

The first thing to do is to export everything from LastPass to a CSV file. If you use the browser plugin, you can do this by going to:

Tools -> Advanced Tools -> Export To -> LastPass CSV File

You’ll be prompted for your password and then a location to save the file. I chose to save it to the Desktop.

Modify the CSV file

I removed some old passwords that I don’t need any more before fixing up and reordering the columns. The original headers are:


but the 1Password headers are:


I moved them around so that url became location and name became title. I also deleted the extra, grouping and fav columns.

I removed any Secure Notes and saved them into another file for later.

Import into 1Password

Importing was easy. Open 1Password, got to File -> Import, select the file and hey presto, all done. A quick check to make sure everything was there and I was done.