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Log Your Commits to Graphite Using Hooks

Everyone says graphite is great but you need to have data in there to make any use of it. The best way to get data in is to do it automatically. So I set up a post-commit hook.

This is how it’s done on subversion, it’s the same sort of procedure on any of the other version control systems (git, mercurial etc).

Add the following code to hooks/post-commit:

echo "commits.appname:1|c" | nc -w 1 -u <ip address of your graphite server> 8125

Then run chmod 755 hooks/post-commit and commit away. Easy peasy.

Now, for a little explanation. This command sends the number 1 as a count to the commits.appname bucket using netcat. It has a timeout of 1 second (-w 1) and sends the data over UDP (-u). The number on the end (8125) is the port that graphite (or statsd in this case) is listening on.