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Strength and Stamina

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I’ve done a couple of sessions this week that have shown again what I already knew. I need to get out and run more.

I did a 4 mile time trial on Thursday evening, first lap was done in 10:40 but then it went out to 11:10 for the second lap to finish in 21:50. Then this morning, we were on the Munich Hills for the first time this season. Started off too fast with a 4:09. I wasn’t able to match that, but kept the next three similar at 4:14, 4:17 and 4:18. Then, for the last one, it went out to 4:24.

Our coach was there for both of the sessions and he had one nugget of advice. Get out and run more. Get the miles into our legs and keep up with the sessions. I have no problem with general speed, it’s the stamina and strength that I’m missing.

I have to make sure to get out for my long run every week, something I was neglecting over the summer as life and other things got in the way. Now that we’re heading into another tough XC season, it’s time to get back on the wagon.

It all starts with tomorrow morning, 12 miles at 10am.