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Being Injured

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It’s the worst thing to happen to someone sporty. There’s something missing when you can’t get out and do what you like without pain. You think a few days off and it will be okay. Then you try and run and there it is all over again. The pain, the hurt, the suffering. But not the good suffering of a hard training session, no the suffering of knowing that you need to take more time off.

It’s been nearly two months now since I had to drop out of a track race. Two months filled with holidays, attempted runs, cycling, hiking, climbing and even some football. I know what I have to do to get over this. Stretch and then stretch some more. But every time I feel like I’m getting somewhere, I stop. Do I even want to get better?

Here it is, a promise to myself. From now on, I will do the exercises needed to get better. I will stretch at least twice a day. I will use a foam roller every day. I will do calf raises and ankle exercises. I will get over this.