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cURL Is Amazing!

I wanted to connect to an API and copy each entry so that I can do some text transformations and the like on the data (don’t ask, it’s a very long story). I could have written a short shell script to increment a counter and insert that into the URL and then piped the output to a separate file for each call. That would be a fairly straightforward way to fix the problem.

But as I was looking through the documentation for cURL, I happened to stumble upon this little gem.

cURL has the ability to increment a counter for you using a regex. So instead of a shell script, all I needed to do was run:

curl -o file#1.xml "http://your_url_here/get_me_the_xml?id=[1-10]"

There are a few things to note here.

It really pays to read through the documentation for the programs you use!