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Hosting With DigitalOcean

A few months ago, I was looking around for a new way to host a few sites that I have because my old provider was based in the states and most of my traffic was from Europe. After going through what felt like a million sites that claimed to have cheap or free hosting and turned out to be either time limited offers or just plain unavailable, I stumbled across DigitalOcean.

When I found them, they had just upgraded all their accounts to SSDs and were pushing hard to get new people to try out their service. I jumped on board and very soon had a virtual server of my own running away. Initially I set it up in New York, but I was able to manually transfer it across the ocean to Amsterdam with very little fuss.

I’m now using their service to host a few websites, some email accounts and even use it every day to connect to IRC. I can have no complaints, they have fixed any problems I had very promptly and they seem like a good group to work for. They even have their own IRC channel at #digitalocean which is good for a laugh as well as a way to ask for help and even help others with problems.

They recently launched a referrals program and here’s my link if you’r interested in trying it out. I get $10 for every $10 you spend. That’s two whole months of hosting on their lowest plan.

I have no other affiliation to them, but I would definitely recommend that you try them out if you are in the market for a decent cloud based server.

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