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Change the Time of Git Commits

I’ve been working off a virtual machine for some dev work recently and when I resumed the VM after it had been asleep for a while, the time was off. I hadn’t set up ntp to set the time and didn’t notice it was a few days behind until after I pushed some commits up to github.

The timestamps were all way off and I didn’t like it, not one little bit.

After some finagling around on the interwebs, I found a solution: interactive git rebase

Here’s the steps I followed to fix the times on the commits. I wanted to change the time on the last two commits so I used HEAD~2

git rebase -i HEAD~2

Change the first word from pick to edit on both lines and exit

git commit --amend --date="Tue May 28 15:39:08 2013 +0100"
git rebase --continue

Do the same for the other commit.

When you’re happy, you can force a push to github (but make sure no one else has pulled from it in the meantime)

git push -f origin master

And, hey presto, that’s how you modify the commit time through git. Now, go off and fix ntp, you fool!