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The First Graded Track Meet is Coming

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I went out for a long run yesterday. I didn’t feel like going out, I was tired, it was raining but I went out anyway. I ended up doing 16k and felt a lot better when I got back. Except for one thing. I came home with a blister on the outside of my foot. I was wearing my new runners and good socks. I had run further a few weeks ago using the same shoes and around a similar route. So what happened?

I think it was the socks. They were twin skin style socks and one of the layers must have been sitting crooked or something like that. Something really simple but it caused a problem.

That problem was exacerbated today. I went out for a run at lunchtime, just a warm up, 5x 200m and then a cool down. I was going fine until the third 200m. The blister had burst! I dug in and finished off the repeats before jogging gingerly back.

When I get home, I have to find some compeed plasters and get past this before the first graded track meet on Wednesday. 1500m of pain will ensue if I don’t