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Mikegriffin.ie Is Now Using SSL

As of last week, this site is set up to use https. It shouldn’t make much of a difference, if any, to the usage of the site apart from encrypting the traffic to your browser. I decided to set it up this way after reading Tim Bray’s article Private By Default. He goes into a bit of detail explaining why he did it and I liked the ideas so I thought, why not?

I’d actually been searching for that article for a while because I read it shortly after it was published and had filed it away in the back of my mind as an interesting experiment to try out. Unfortunately, the back of my mind is not the best place to retrieve information from. I think it hides behind some big boxes and other assorted knowledge and refuses to come out. Luckily I came across another article that referenced it and I was back to where I wanted to be.

I used StartSSL to create the SSL certificate and followed Pete Keen’s article to set up SSL with nginx. This was where I was pointed to the free SSL certificates from StartSSL as well, thanks Pete!

I also set up my training log site to use https while I was at it.