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Memoirs of a Bullied Kid

I found this article this morning on Hacker News and as I read through the first part of it, I was thining that it was a typical sob story of how someone gets bullied and manages to pull through it and he was lucky and found the right people when he needed them and all the usual things that you get in a story like that. But then I read some more and it wasn’t like that. Yes he was lucky and something clicked for him after a few years of hell. Yes he mostly managed to get over it and put it behind him. But the best part of the article for me is the last part of it.

In the last part he says that we all have a responsibility to eveyone we come in contact with whether on a regular or not so regular basis. A responsibility to help and nurture and just be there so that someone knows that there is at least one person that isn’t going to be in their circle of hell. Someone that can help them out of it. It doesn’t take much, a touch, a word, a conversation. Just being there can sometimes be enough.

So go ahead and read it and see if it changes your ideas on bullying and being bullied. It did with me.